Murder at the PTA by Lee Hollis

Murder at the PTA

Sandra Wallage, PTA President, lives a (seemingly) charmed life. Maya Kendrick, private investigator, is just trying to keep a roof over her daughter’s head.

When the creator of Dirty Laundry, a gossipy website, is found dead at the high school, the unlikely duo sets out to catch a killer.

  • You saw the title. Murder at the PTA? I was intrigued.
  • This isn’t your traditional cozy mystery, but who cares? Sandra and Maya are a blast.
  • If you’ve never investigated a brothel with a senator’s wife, you’re missing out.
  • Frances was my least favorite character. Her attitude towards Sandra was off-putting, and the way that she treated her “best friend” was inexcusable. I’ll try not to miss her.
  • What do you look for in a mystery? Twists and turns, a long list of suspects, a surprise ending? For me, Murder at the PTA had it all.
  • Here’s to strong women! Sandra is the only Wallage I’d vote for.