Death on Tap by Ellie Alexander

Death on Tap

Sloan Krause, blessed with a nose for hops, walks in on her husband, Mac, having an affair with one of his barmaids. After leaving her husband and her job, Sloan finds herself (and a dead body) at Leavenworth’s newest microbrewery, Nitro.

  • Before reading Death on Tap, I didn’t know who Ellie Alexander was. After reading Death on Tap, I’m obsessed with Ellie Alexander. Moral of the story? People can change.
  • Ellie Alexander created an admirable main character. Sloan Krause is a hardworking, strong, and supportive mother, and she’s willing to help clear her two-timing husband’s name after it ends up on Police Chief Meyer’s suspect list.
  • This series is fun and interesting enough to cause a nondrinker (me) to leave her home at 9 PM because of a sudden beer craving.
  • Reading about the Krause family reminded me so much of my own family. Leavenworth, fashioned after a Bavarian village, is a nostalgic paradise.
  • The characters come to life. There is plenty of beer, schnitzel, and suspense.
  • I hope that Sloan never sinks to accepting Mac’s excuses, and as of now, I hope that Sloan and Garrett live hoppily ever after.